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undertale red


Undertale Red

Undertale red is a video game surrounding a kid who finds herself in an underworld full of monsters.  You are to FIGHT or ACT your way through encounters while ducking magic bullet assaults. Each monster has exceptional attacks and persona—and they are entirely in your way. You can express mercy on them if you want. You might even make associates out of them. But think of what to do if you meet a ruthless assassin? Red has a very excitable, upbeat personality, making it stress-free for you to get along with fellow members of the Canine


undertale red

However, no matter how important she feels, she understands nature should be taken seriously.  She exhibits sturdy devotion to both Undyne and Asgore, following the orders to station herself far out of the lane of the mortals without a problem, and she shows hindrance in reaction to flippant behavior, storming out Mortal repeatedly attempt to make her giggle.

Despite a supposed absence of hatred towards mortality, her early connections with the Mortal are quite emotionless. Assured that the Mortal will be massacred at the hands of Asgore , Red displays thrilling hesitance in befriending them on some level, even at the start she rejects to speak, as to “not lose somebody else.” Nonetheless, as shown in the genocide route, she displays a minute of relief, should the Mortal brutally decline her bargain of mercy, as it leaves her lacking any hesitations, leaving her with only a will to stay alive.

Historyundertale red

Only little history is recognized about “Rude Baby Red” (another nickname), besides the circumstance that she is a part of the Noble Guard and she has contact with the Canine Units. She might have also made friends with some other Royal Guard associates as well. Undyne trained her, and Undyne remarks that for “one purpose or another, the guard is the only clan she has.”, Most possibly meaning that Red was nurtured by Undyne at some point and Red lost her family one way or another.


Red was an offspring of two monsters that existed in “Home”, The original Monster capital. Red was at a very tender age all through the age of “Home”. During the mortals’ attack, Red’s family was murdered during the battle and after the war was over every person evacuated “Home”. Red was left without help in an abandoned household in the capital; left alone to roam in the capital to hunt if anyone was still there. But not one person came. Until one day, when Red was sitting in some corner of “Home” and Undyne found her. Undyne took Red in and trained her to be an associate of the Royal Guard. She was also specified a blade and was trained how to use it. As the years went by, Red became more involved at the Royal Guard, and she treated the group as her family. She never desired to go back to “Home”.


Red has assaults generated from her using her sword, along with a few exceptional tricks.  For example, she will divide the combat zone into divisions, decreasing the area you have to interchange around. While the game has Numerous Finales, there are two key routes- Pacifist and Genocide (along with several neutral routes).

In the pacifist route, Red assaults you because she is irritated about you making friends with everybody you meet. That means they will all be brokenhearted when Asgore unavoidably slays you. Acting will not do any noble for all of the fights apart from the very beginning, but if you do not violet her, she will ultimately be unable to compact the final knock-back, acknowledging that you befriending her worked.

undertale red

In genocide, Red is wrestled along with two Noble Guardians, which she extended command of after the player (implicitly) murdered the guardsmen formerly in control of them. Red wonders if the player recalls how many monsters they have slaughtered since they appear to be the sort of hideous person who keeps track, but tells the player not to respond since any breath they take is one excessively many.

Here are tropes existing in Undertale Red

  • Tsundere

Red is a friendly example. She apparently wants to answer back well to the player being nice to her but assaults them because she does not want to get close to somebody who will, without doubt, die to Asgore.

  • Video Game Caring Potential


You can be kind to Red, question her about her day, and try to make contacts, regardless of Red’s mistrust about you doing so in the middle of combat. Doing so will end in Red ultimately giving up and confessing that you are a “lean and mean, befriending machine”.

  • Video Game Cruelty Potential

Supplementary, you can also deceive her after attaining her confidence. In the genocide route, the player is said to have already completed this, as they slay the former users of the Noble Guardians, who were Red’s support system.

  • What the Hell, Player?

In the genocide fight, she will call the player out on their activities (not only taken in the fangame but Undertale’s canon genocide route).

  • You Bastard

    undertale red

Red in the genocide combat will call you out on numerous things- going for the genocide run and fighting her in spite of her sparing you (so you weren’t doing it in self-protection), slaying the noble guardsmen who were her close friends, and slaying everybody you encounter, to begin with.

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