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I have been learning how to play piano since a very long time on the internet. By doing so, i have come across so many piano guides,courses and institutes which teach the people to learn piano but most of them are not so effective as they look. So, here i founded the most effective, trusted and ingenious way to learn piano. You can find below my personally used top 2 and tested methods to learn piano:

The course which i personally use

my  #1 recommendation

PIANO for all

Now ANYONE Can Learn Piano or Keyboard

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It Couldn’t be Easier to Learn Piano

Everything in Pianoforall is right where you need it to be. As you go through each book you can click on either Audio or Video and INSTANTLY hear or see what you are reading about. You don’t have to search your computer for lots of files and have lots of windows open.

why choose pianoforall ?

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An Incredible Set of Interactive ebooks

Screenshot-2017-12-17 Pianoforall Learn Piano Keyboard 200 Video Lessons

Pianoforall is specially designed to take complete beginners to an intermediate level faster than any other method.

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MY #2 method to learn piano in less than 30 days, guranteed

so, if you want to learn piano in 30 days, this is the best course i have come across, but do remember it's not like that you will learn it within the span of 30 days if you have already joined other couses, by following this course it will take major percentage of your daily time to master the skills they have given in the course and if you follow the time-table given in this course, no-doubt you are gonna learn it lightening fast...


  • Learn piano in 30 days program – A 30 day video series accompanied by piano exercises that will help you familiarize yourself with piano terms, notes and piano keys. This is a great course is you are a total beginner. The skills you learn here will allow you to play the piano casually, allowing you to play slow and simple songs such as romantic ballads, classics and some of the new hits from today.
  • Becoming a better pianist program - The next course after our 30 day program which will teach you intermediate skills to add to the basics you have learned from the previous program. This course will allow you to play faster or more complicated songs with more notes.
  • Becoming a master pianist program - Our advance piano lessons to let you play any song you like! If you dream of being a professional and paid pianist this course is for you!
  • Play piano by the ear program - With this program you will be able to play any song by ear! Now you can play any song even without a music sheet!


At the last i want to conclude that if you opt in any of these two programs, you will be definitely learn piano professionally if you really want to and practice alot.

IN COMPARISON, if you ask me any one of these two programs, i will suggest you PIANOFORALL (#1 recommendation) above LEARNPIANOIN30DAYS (#2 recommendation) because the first program gives you more freedom and time to learn piano more effectively and with more ease.