Astigmatism Undertale

Astigmatism Undertale (astigmatism in undertale) astigmatism undertale


Astigmatism Undertale (astigmatism in undertale)

Undertale is a video game produced by Toby Fox. It is a role-playing game enjoyed by many people. It has amassed a loyal fan base. New players might assume Undertale is just another role-playing game, which is not further from the truth. In Undertale, things are rarely what they seem. The game introduces you to a world where monsters can be friends. They can smile at you one moment and try to take your soul the next. In Undertale, the player gets to be a child in a world full of monsters. In this fantasy world, the King of the monsters wants to take your soul. The objective of the game is to find your way home. The underground is a large place isolated by a magic barrier. The underground world is full of towns and caves. You will be required to solve puzzles as part of the game to escape. While you play the game, you will run into several monsters. When you encounter a monster, you enter into a battle mode. While you are battling a monster, you have to protect your hearts. In the game, the small hearts represent your soul.

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What makes Undertale different from any other games is how you play it. Undertale is a pacifist’s game. You do not have to hurt anyone to progress in the game. Fans love this aspect of the game. It is up to you how you interact with the monsters in the game. As a player, you will come across battles in the course of the game. You can choose to join the battle if you want to. If you do not want to fight, there are non-violent interactions you can have. All this is entirely up to you. Your options when interacting with monsters is to run, kill or befriend them.

Additional elements are introduced as you play the game. You meet new monsters and have a chance to interact with them. Attacking the monsters involves pressing a button at a particular time. Killing a monster earns you EXP points. To avoid hurting the boss monsters, you have to wait until they finish their dialogue. You need to stay alive long enough for the monsters to get through their discussion.

The game has three different major paths. There are a Pacifists, Genocide and Neutral run. The Neutral run happens when you have killed some monsters. There are twelve variations to the Neutral run. The variations depend on which monsters are killed. For the Pacifist run, you must complete the Neutral run without killing any monsters. In the Genocide run, you have to kill all the monsters.

Undertale’s soundtrack is in part responsible for the game’s success. The game’s creator composed the soundtrack.


astigmatism undertale

Astigmatism is one of the monsters you will encounter in Undertale.  It appears in the CORE when playing on Normal Mode and in the Ruins on Hard Mode. When playing the game, you will run into Astigmatism before you get to new Home. It is a more advanced than Loox. This video game character shares its name with the visual defect. Astigmatism causes fatigue, headaches, squinting and blurry vision. In the game, the eye on the monster is in homage to the eye condition.

astigmatism undertale

What Astigmatism looks like?

Astigmatism appears as a large ball with four spiked limbs. The monster’s body has two horns on each side. When the monster is inactive, it has a large eye on the ball. The eye also has three eyelashes. Astigmatism’s appearance changes from spirit to spirit. The eye hollow changes to a smile when the eye closes. Two eyelashes on the monsters face become Astigmatism’s eyes. The middle eyelash on Astigmatism’s eye grows a mark on its forehead.

Astigmatism in battle

astigmatism undertaleAstigmatism appears in battle with Whimsalot, parsnik, Moldessa, Mogospel, and Final Froggit. Astigmatism calls upon orbs in an attack. The orbs travel diagonally up and down initially. They bounce off the edge of the box once. The orbs then move vertically and horizontally in the direction, they came from. The orbs accelerate as long as they do not touch the wall. The speed resets once the orb hits the wall.

Some of the quotes from the game are:

  • Take your last look.
  • That’s right! If the monster says to pick on it, obey the instruction.astigmatism undertale
  • How dare you. If the monster does not want to be picked on, disregard this.
  • How dare you defy me? This is a challenge from astigmatism.
  • That takes guts. This is a neutral statement.
  • Take your last look. This is a neutral statement.
  • Pick on me. This is a neutral statement.
  • You have pushed your luck. This is a neutral statement.
  • You have seen enough. This is a neutral statement.astigmatism undertale
  • Finally, someone gets it. If Astigmatism wants to be picked on, obey the instructions.
  • What are you so afraid of? If Astigmatism wants to be picked on, disobey instructions.

How to play without hurting the monster

If you do not want to hurt this monster, you have to know what to do. As the player, you have to wait a turn. Astigmatism will say what it wants. You can read the words from the screen. Some of the phrases it can say are ‘Don’t pick on me’ or ‘Pick on me’. Astigmatism will not be hurt if you play the game as needed.

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