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undertale piano

Get the best role playing gaming experience with Undertale

Many users enjoy playing the Undertale game for its lovely characters and amazing twists. You can learn a lot about many things by playing this game and it is ideally suited for kids over the age of 10. In this game, players have the option to control the human child that has entered the Underground due to circumstances. It also has lot of humor with interesting characters trying to obstruct your progress in the game. The game involves lot of decision making sequences that ignite the imagination of players. It is for this reason that many players choose to come back to the game regularly. The unique feature of this game is that it allows you to combat the enemies without using violence. However, most players do not have enough patience to handle the situation in this manner. They choose to use all the tools available to finish the enemies and progress in the game. In this regard, let us look into some of the interesting aspects of the game.

Loaded with puzzles

The game is loaded with various puzzles and this allows players to use their skills instead of the tools available in the game. Whenever you encounter an enemy, you can try to pacify them without fighting them. All this begins with analyzing the behavior of the enemies to understand their mindset. In this situation, you can learn a lot of human behavior and use your ability to understand the feelings of other characters. Apart from these social puzzles, the game also has an interesting feature called Undertale Piano and this is the best part of the game for many players.

Amazing soundtrack of the game

undertale piano

The entire game is loaded with the best “undertale soundtracks” and you will fall in love with the melodies. Each one of them perfectly sync with the situation and you can notice that they set the right mood for every scene. The Undertale Piano puzzle is located near the Waterfall where the character Shyren lives. It is in the northern direction of the intersection near the waterfalls. It has a room with an amazing piano and the complete scene is built around this equipment. Players need to crack the puzzle by using the proper solution and this allows them to move forward in the game. Part of the excitement is in finding the right solution for the puzzle and players often enjoy this process. After finding the suitable solution, they also need to play a musical note using the proper code. This is an amazing task for music lovers and they enjoy the entire sequence in this game.

How to solve the Undertale Piano Puzzle?

The Undertale Piano is a unique puzzle in itself and it can be played using the (Z) key along with other directional arrow keys on the keyboard. You can use these keys to play five different notes on the piano. When you closely look into the puzzle, you will notice many details about the game. The overall atmosphere for any scene gives a lot of hint about resolving the puzzle. This is true even in case of the room and you can notice a plaque in the room. This has a note mentioning the usage of eight notes to find the solution. You should take this as a hint and make use of this when the appropriate time comes to solve the puzzle. The next thing you can do is to spot the statue in the vicinity. You will note that one of them has water falling on it and you must identify this one properly to resolve the puzzle. All you need to do is to handover the umbrella to the statue to unlock the puzzle. Once this is done, the Memory note plays in the background. You need to listen to this note as you have to enter the appropriate code after the note is played.

Complete details about Memory note

This is an important aspect with regards to solving the Piano puzzle. The amazing music box melody is played in various instances in the background and this sets the right mood in many cases. Once you place the umbrella on the statue inside the waterfall, the note begins to play on its own and you can go ahead and solve the puzzle.

How to enter the code?

When you want to move ahead in this level, you need to enter the first eight notes of the Memory song on the piano. This is the Undertale Piano code and the solution is very simple. You need to enter the notes using “Neutral (.), Up Arrow key, Right Arrow Key, Neutral (.), down arrow key, Neutral (.), down arrow key and finally the right arrow key in the proper sequence. Entering this code solves the puzzle in an easy manner.

undertale piano

The interesting aspect about the Undertale Piano code is that it is possible to complete the puzzle by entering seven notes instead of eight. The trick in this case is to leave out the 6th note that is the neutral note while entering the code. In this way, players can solve the riddle by entering seven notes. In some versions of the game, the code even appears on the screen after the umbrella is placed on the statue and this is very helpful for many people to find the right solution. The solution to the puzzle is easy to find in the room itself and you need to have some patience to find it in the game.

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Undertale is a videogame composed and created by Toby Fox. This video game is about a child who has fallen into underground which is very large and is underneath the surface of the earth separated by a magic barrier, filled with monsters. These monsters attack him and he tries to pacify them, fights with them, even makes some friends. To get back on the surface of the earth , the child has to solve different puzzles and win over the monsters who attacks on the child with the magic bullets.

Undertale is available for Windows, Mac, Linux, PS4, and Vita, with a new Japanese localization by 8-4 included on all platforms. Upon release, the game was acclaimed for its writing, thematic material, intuitive combat system, musical score, and originality, with praise directed towards its story, dialogue, and characters.

There are various puzzles which the child has to solve in order to attain victory. Puzzles are a prominent component of the underground and was found throughout waterfall. It however, contains fewer puzzles as compared to the ones found in Ruins and Snowdin Forest. One of the puzzle in the game is Undertale Piano Puzzle.  The Piano Puzzle located on the north of the three way intersection of the waterfall. The piano puzzle was built by Undyne as an excuse to place a piano. The room contains a Piano that can be played with the “z” key and the directional arrows and a plaque saying that the first eight notes are fine.

The solution of the puzzle can be found of the same three way intersection by giving the statue being raised on an umbrella. From there the memory plays  and player has to play the first eight notes of the song on the piano.

The solution to the piano is – Neutral, Up, Right,Neutral, Down, Neutral,Down and Right. However,the puzzle allows the player to complete it by leaving the sixth note. This makes it complete the puzzle in seventh note. To aid players of the game who are hard of hearing or deaf, the solution appears on the statue being rained after waiting for a while.

The game sold over a million copies, and was nominated for multiple accolades and awards, including Game of the Year from several gaming publications and conventions.




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